Our Lincoln, NE Assisted Living Team

Memory Care That Doesn’t Feel Institutional

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Our Lincoln, NE Assisted Living Team

Our Administrative team together combines 40 years of experience with the Independence Houses.

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Brandy Higgins


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Cynthe Dumler, APRN

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Chris Gilliespie, RN

Director of Nursing


Holly Bowman

Assistant Administrator

“What really matters most is the staff. The people at the Mandarin House are the most caring and patient people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing… There are plenty of reassurances, hand holding and hugs to go around.”

Ron & Karen L.

Our Founder

My lifelong career in nursing in Nebraska has taken me down many paths; from hospital and skilled nursing staff, outpatient and home care, teaching student nurses and staff education to all healthcare disciplines, marketing, administration and business ownership.

In the mid ’90’s, I started a home care agency. We managed patients’ care in their homes, many of which were seniors with dementia. I quickly realized that these special individuals needed more care, additional attention to safety concerns and socialization, more than our agency could provide in a few hours a day.

That’s when the concept came to me; purchase a home and have them come live with us, full time. We would provide a loving, fun, safe and caring home focusing on their unique needs. I had worked in skilled nursing facilities over the years and wanted the same excellent nursing care they provided, so RNs on our staff are a must. The services of a skilled facility but provided in a home-like atmosphere, keeping it small, personal and intimate; making it their home, becoming family.

The Independence Houses, which I own and operate locally here in Lincoln are the realization of my dream to provide a different, more home-like approach to memory care that is not “institutional.” Many of the concepts we began with still hold true today, some we expanded upon and improved. Our focus remains on family, love, fun, relationships, engaging activities, quality of life, and great care.

My husband who is the founder and co-owner of Design Associates of Lincoln, creates our wonderful designs and builds our visions. Together, we create innovative, home-like, flexible designs for our residents.

Thank you for your interest in our communities.


Marsha Stork, RN, BSN, MA, MBA

Founder, The Independence Houses

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our lincoln ne assisted living team

Specialized Memory Care Assisted Living In Lincoln NE Since 1996

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4610 Mandarin Cr.
Lincoln, NE 68516
Phone: 402-488-2754


5500 S Coddington Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68523
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2355 Superior St.
Lincoln, NE 68521
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Corporate Office

131 NW 14th St. Suite 5
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