Dementia and Alzheimers Care: Assisted Living in Lincoln NE

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Memory Care Assisted Living in Lincoln for Seniors Fighting Dementia & Alzheimer’s

We believe our residents deserve the compassionate care we provide to each one. For decades we have recognized the unique challenges of dementia and Alzheimer’s care and ensure the best quality of life for all while providing peace of mind for their families with assisted living in Lincoln, NE

Meet our Lincoln, NE Assisted Living Team

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Our well-educated team displays our core values while building relationships with our residents. Two full time RNs on staff guide our resident care.

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Our small resident count and home-like setting allows our teams to focus on your loved one’s individual needs – through daily stimulating activities, regular outings in the community and chef-prepared meals from scratch.

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Our weekly spiritual and devotional celebrations and monthly memory care assisted living Support Group provides reassurance. Not only is your loved one influenced by dementia, but you are too.

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We are true “Aging in Place” houses. Once you move in we do NOT move you out when needs increase.

“My husband had some of his best days living at The Independence House. The family and myself felt that after the first nine months of living in Lincoln we could see such a difference in his attitude and behavior. He seemed to actually enjoy participating in activities, and talking to other residents. We had not seen that for over a year. We thank all of the staff for giving my husband more quality in his life.”

Mary Ann O.

Specialized Memory Care Assisted Living In Lincoln NE Since 1996

To Learn More About What We Do: Visit Our Assisted Living Lincoln NE Foundation Page


4610 Mandarin Cr.
Lincoln, NE 68516
Phone: 402-488-2754


5500 S Coddington Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68523
Phone: 402-420-0328


2355 Superior St.
Lincoln, NE 68521
Phone: 402-261-8973

Corporate Office

131 NW 14th St. Suite 5
Lincoln, NE 68528
Phone: 402-475-7755